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Pop That!

Nov 30, 2017

We wrap up this episode in true Pop That! style with a lot of love for Master of None, and Pabba tells us how he accidentally watched the movie Ex Machina in Spanish. It's both informative and hilarious. How can you beat that? It's the final part of our TWO-PART Diversity in Media conversation with Susan Pickover,...

Nov 28, 2017

Pop That! gets serious (and has some good fun) about a subject near and dear to our hearts: diversity in the entertainment industry. We sit down and talk with Susan Pickover, Adam Pabbason, and Chris Calilung to break down where Hollywood is getting it right, and where it's still so, so wrong. So join us for...

Nov 20, 2017

Today on Pop That! we take a deep dive into the world of anime with our very own resident expert, Linday Treviño! Lindsay has a wealth of knowledge and experience in this world, and if you are new to anime or a lifetime lover, you will really enjoy this conversation. It's time to Pop That! Anime-style.

Nov 19, 2017

It's Pop That's very first episode! And we're so excited for our very first guest. Comedian and improviser Regina Soto joins us, so be prepared to laugh out loud as we talk about everything from Lady Gaga to the upcoming horrors of the holidays. Gobble, gobble! It's time to get thankful y'all.